Episode 116. Listva. The nuclear missile bodyguard37:03

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Published on September 16, 2021

This time, Combat Approved will tell about who and how guards Russia’s nuclear weapons, specifically the latest Yars strategic missile system. A nuclear missile on wheels, the Yars, like its predecessor the Topol, has a unique feature: both of these missiles can be launched from anywhere in our country. But there is a disadvantage: when traveling outside the protected area, the Yars can become an easy prey for saboteurs. To prevent this from happening, a vehicle has been developed specifically for the Strategic Missile Forces, which has no analogues in the world – the remote demining vehicle called Listva. It is called the No.1 bodyguard of a nuclear missile. On the march, the Listva takes the first place in the column of the missile complexes and uses microwave radiation to burn out all the mines that may appear on the way. And this is just one of the methods of remote destruction of mines. To find out and, most importantly, to see all the capabilities of the nuclear bodyguard, watch the episode of Combat Approved.

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